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Kevan Wylie R. ABC of Sexual Health

ABC of Sexual Health provides a comprehensive overview of this important, but difficult subject and includes reading resources as well as information on professional societies, patient groups and online resources. Fully revised and expanded to cover a range of new content and topics including psychological, urological, gynaecological, endocrinological and psychiatric aspects of sexual health, the effects of medication, sexual dysfunction, sexual orientation, gender identity, paraphilias, forensic sexology, dermatoses, and psychosexual therapy and education. ABC of Sexual Health is a practical guide for all general practitioners, family physicians, trainees and medical students wanting to improve communicating, examining and managing patients with sexual health problems.

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Welch Jan ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence

ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence is a practical guide for all health care professionals who are looking after abused individuals (whether knowingly or not) and who wish to learn more in order to help their patients. It employs a positive and hands on approach, emphasising simple history taking skills and clinical ‘tips’ and pitfalls to help demystify what is often considered a sensitive or difficult subject area. This new ABC title covers background and epidemiology, including: international and cultural perspectives, common presentations, how to identify abuse, and guidance on subsequent acute and longer-term medical and psychosocial interventions. It provides guidance on legal perspectives including documentation and sources of help and advice. While focusing mainly on women, it will also cover aspects relating to children and men. It also incorporates victim testimonies and case scenarios throughout. From a multidisciplinary team of contributors ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence is ideal for all general practitioners, accident and emergency, practice nurses, health visitors, midwives, social workers, and other primary and secondary care health care professionals.

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Catriona Melville Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance

Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance provides a highly-illustrated, visual introduction to all aspects of sexual and reproductive health, from basic clinical examination skills to the management of acute Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. Covering topics which are often difficult to access as an undergraduate or junior doctor, Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance focuses on the fundamental principles in delivering effective contraception and sexual health care. It features high-yield information on the essential clinical topics covered in the Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (CSRH) curriculum. Presented in the familiar, easy-to-use, at a Glance format, Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance: • Provides a quick revision of basic anatomy, physiology and clinical skills • Offers balanced coverage of both male and female GU pathology, STIs and contraception • Includes material on practical gynaecological procedures performed in the out-patient setting • Presents a holistic approach to issues dealt with in this specialty • Takes a global perspective by addressing SRH issues in different cultures and resource-limited settings • Includes a companion website at www.ataglanceseries.com/sexualhealth featuring a selection of case scenarios and interactive flashcards for self-test This brand new title will provide an invaluable resource for medical and healthcare students, junior doctors, SRH trainees and busy clinicians working in other specialties.

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Davies Teifion ABC of Mental Health

Mental health services have changed completely in the UK, and the new edition of ABC of Mental Health has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect this. Providing clear practical advice on how to recognise, diagnose and manage mental disorders successfully and safely, with sections on selecting drugs and psychological treatments, and improving compliance, ABC of Mental Health also contains information on the major categories of mental health disorders, the mental health needs of vulnerable groups (such as the elderly, children, homeless and ethnic minorities) and the psychological treatments. Fully up to date with recent mental health legislation, this new edition is as comprehensive as it is invaluable. By covering the mental health needs of special groups, this ABC equips GPs, hospital doctors, nurses, counsellors and social workers with all the information they need for the day to day management of patients with mental health problems.

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Gail Ryan Juvenile Sexual Offending. Causes, Consequences, and Correction

Praise for previous editions of Juvenile Sexual Offending «A stimulating presentation of clinical thinking that demonstrates why the authors are leaders in the juvenile sex offending field.» —Jim Breiling, National Institute of Mental Health «Juvenile Sexual Offending provides a comprehensive, in-depth look at the juvenile sexual abuser and assessment and treatment issues. The increase in sexual abuse by adolescents makes this book a must for professionals whose work brings them into contact with juvenile sexual abusers.» —Robert E. Longo, Serendipity Healing Arts «This book should be required reading for everyone providing services to adolescents who have committed sexual offenses and to their families. It remains the seminal text from which a framework for assessment, treatment, and aftercare are gleaned.» —Joann Schladale, Resources for Resolving Violence This classic text sets the foundation for working with juveniles who have sexually offended The new edition of Juvenile Sexual Offending provides a research-based, goal-oriented approach to the assessment, treatment, supervision, and care of this difficult population. Written by leading specialists in the field, the Third Edition represents the tremendous strides in research on brain growth and development. A thorough overview of the process of risk evaluation is included, as well as detailed and practical guidelines on gauging the possibility of repeated offense. Also included: New chapters on legislative and policy developments; risk assessment; adult responsibilities; and outcomes pairing risk management with health promotion Greatly expanded coverage of treatment, including new chapters on abuse-specific and offense-specific treatment interventions, and the effects of trauma Practitioner-friendly guidance to help mental health professionals with decision making; program development; case management skills; and working within multidisciplinary teams Juvenile Sexual Offending, Third Edition helps mental health professionals, child welfare, law enforcement, and juvenile justice professionals move toward successful assessment and treatment of juveniles who sexually abuse, reducing the risk of sexual abuse in future generations.

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Ковер Lorena Canals круглый Алфавит Round ABC (бежевый) 150 R C-ABC-NBK

Размер (см): 150x150 Форма: круглый Материал: хлопок Цвет: рисунок Вес (кг): 3.28 Страна-производитель: Индия

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Lorena Canals круглый-алфавит-round-abc-бежевый-150-r-c-abc-nbk похожие


Sandra Jeschke Sexual and Reproductive Health in rural Kenya

The East-African country of Kenya registers a significant decline in the utilization of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services particularly in rural areas. Issues relating to sexual and reproductive health often give rise to feelings of shame among clients; hence health personnel dealing with these issues or providing counselling need to do so with a focus on ensuring respect and dignity. How much does the behaviour of health personnel affect utilization of services? To what extend is health personnel subject to socio-cultural factors and in what way does this affect the contact with clients? How can the current situation and the related health provision for the population be improved? The author Sandra Jeschke defined gaps in the behaviour of health personnel and its effects on patients. The data analysis and description of study results are followed by suggestions for effective personnel management taking into account the traditional, religious and cultural peculiarities that exist in Kenya. The book targets scientists in the multidisciplinary area of public health, decision makers involved in the human resource sector of health services, and the interested public.

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Bernard Valman ABC of One to Seven

The ABC of One to Seven is a practical guide to the management of common physical and emotional problems of early childhood. New chapters include the prevention and management of obesity, behavioural and emotional problems, ADHD, autism, the child with fever, and changes in access to medical and social services. Including the latest NICE guidelines and advice on when to refer and how to manage the problem afterwards, each chapter provides relevant websites and resources for health workers. The ABC of One to Seven and the companion book, ABC of the First Year, have become standard guides for general practitioners, trainee doctors, medical students, midwives, nurses and health visitors. They are indispensible reference books for family doctor surgeries, emergency and outpatient departments, wards and libraries.

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Vasilenko Sara A. Positive and Negative Outcomes of Sexual Behaviors. New Directions for Child Adolescent Development, Number 144

Developing healthy sexual behaviors is critical to adolescents’ wellbeing. While more emphasis has been on negative outcomes, there are broad positive implications for physical health, mental health, intimate relationships, and identity development. To fully understand the impact, we need to understand both. In addition, the impact of sexual behavior is not universal, but may differ based on individuals’ demographic, relational, contextual, and attitudinal factors. This volume provides a framework for understanding the complex role of sexual behavior in adolescents’ lives, with a specific focus on the roles of sexual minority status, internet-based sexual experiences, relationship context, and sexual learning through formal and informal sex education in determining the outcomes of sexual behavior. It provides: A nuanced, multidimensional understanding of the role of sexual behavior in shaping adolescents’ development and well-being Important directions for future research Recommendations for sexuality education, prevention, and intervention programs. This is the 144th volume in this Jossey-Bass series New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development. Its mission is to provide scientific and scholarly presentations on cutting edge issues and concepts in this subject area. Each volume focuses on a specific new direction or research topic and is edited by experts from that field.

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Kristin Lish More Than You Ever Imagined--The Astonishing Journey to Sexual Enlightenment

Begin Your Journey to Sexual Enlightenment! Now is the time for humans worldwide to embrace a new sexual paradigm, to empower not just our physical bodies, but also our energy bodies. The ideas are seemingly radical and profoundly new, yet instinctively familiar and sacred. Human beings have been preparing for this evolution in consciousness for thousands of years. Embrace the true source, nature, and nine natural gifts of sexual energy. Learn eight astonishing, enlightened expressions of sexual energy. Enjoy powerful tools for transformation in all aspects of your life. Transmute sexual energy to create pleasure, love, peace, and goodness in the world. Create sexual health and brilliance to protect your loving relationships and wisely inform others.

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Rajan Kumar Gupt W Agency and Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH)

This study measures agency among married and unmarried young women in two disparate states of India namely Tamil Nadu and Bihar. It is also analyses the association of agency and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) young women. The study utilizes data from "Youth in India: Situation and Needs, 2006-2007"survey. Bivariate and Multivariate techniques are used to understand the differentials, and factors associated with agency and Sexual and reproductive health. The Principal Component Analysis is used to compute the agency based on three indices namely decision making, freedom of movement, and self efficacy. The multinomial logistic regression is used to understand the factor associated with sexual and reproductive health knowledge. Higher Educated and economically better off women, more exposed to mass media, living in urban area have higher agency for both married and unmarried women. Findings reveals that women having higher agency are found to have higher odds of better knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health.

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Gregory Whyte ABC of Sports and Exercise Medicine

The ABC of Sports and Exercise Medicine provides general practitioners with a comprehensive overview of the field of sports medicine. This highly illustrated and thoroughly revised and updated new edition: • Reflects new developments and current practice • Includes new chapters on medical care at sporting events, environmental factors of sports and exercise, benefits of exercise in health and disease, nutrition and ergogenic supplements, and the use of drugs in sport • Covers the benefits of exercise among special populations such as the disabled, obese, pregnant, children and the elderly Covering the latest topics and including case studies of common sports and exercise medicine conditions, the ABC of Sports and Exercise Medicine is an essential practical guide for general practitioners, family physicians, junior doctors, medical students, physiotherapists, and all health professionals dealing with the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries.

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Patel Dipti ABC of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

This new edition of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concentrates more on the newer kinds of occupational disease including those (like “RSI” and pesticide poisoning) where exposure and effects are difficult to understand. There is specific emphasis on work, health and wellbeing, with links to public health, health promotion, the value of work, disabled people at work, the aging workforce, vocational rehabilitation, evidence based practice, and further chapters on the health effects of climate change and of occupational health and safety in relation to migration and terrorism.

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Islam Jahidul Sexual Harassment. Systematic Discrimination

"Sexual Harassment: Systematic Discrimination in Employment and Educational Institutions in Bangladesh" *Definition of Key Terms Harassment Types of Harassment Discrimination Systematic Discrimination Workplace Educational Institutions Varied Legal Definitions of Sexual Harassment in Other Countries *Sexual Harassment: Forms, Causes and Impacts Sexual Harassment Forms of Sexual Harassment Causes of Sexual Harassment Impact of Sexual Harassment *Sexual Harassment in Workplace and Educational Institutions: Some Empirical Studies Sexual Harassment in Workplace Sexual Harassment in Educational Institutions *Sexual Harassment in Bangladesh: Some Special Issues Status of Women Harms from Harassment Religious or Customary Values of Women *Sexual Harassment under International Law Sexual Harassment under International Law Sexual Harassment and Human Rights *Sexual Harassment under National Jurisdiction Penal Code, 1860 Nari O Shisu Nirjaton Damon Ain, 2010 Paribarik Sohinsota (Protirodh O Surakha) Ain, 2010 Limitation of the Laws Guidelines of High Court Division

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Wyatt Jeremy ABC of Health Informatics

New addition to the ABC series looking at how technology can aid health care This ABC focuses on how patient data, health knowledge, and local service information are managed during the routine tasks that make up clinical work. It looks at medical record keeping, how to use the information that records contain for clinical, quality improvement and research activities, how to use new media to communicate with clinical colleagues and patients, and the availability and uses of clinical knowledge resources. After a short introduction to health informatics, each chapter is organised around a typical patient scenario that illustrates information dilemmas arising in clinical consultations. These case studies help make the link between prescribing and treatment. A final chapter considers the implications of informatics and eHealth for the future of the health professions and their work. It also includes a glossary of health informatics terms. Click on the sample chapter above for a look at what is health information.

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Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун ... - murka.org

cмешной мультипликационный сериал "Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун" полностью.

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун (1949) (Road Runner & Wile E Coyote)

cмешной мультипликационный сериал \Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун\ полностью. В каждой серии этого мультфильма демонстрируются смешные до абсурда попытки ...

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун — Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (1949 ...

Мультсериал Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун смотреть онлайн, или скачать через торрент бесплатно. Американский мультипликационный сериал, повествующий о двух ...

Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner [episode] 1-10 - YouTube

Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner 1-10

Койот и Спринтер - 43 серия - YouTube

Шикарный мульт про отчаянные попытки Койота поймать неуловимого Спринтера.

Койот Вилли и Дорожный Бегун / Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner (Серии 1 ...

Описание: cмешной мультипликационный сериал "Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун" полностью.

Койот животное. Образ жизни и среда обитания койота | Животный мир

Образ жизни и среда обитания койота. ... Среди людей хитрый койот считается вредителем, который может погубить скот и домашних животных.

Хитрый Койот И Дорожный Бегун - chromoplasmic

Хитрый койот и дорожный бегун 2010. Сергей Базунов. SubscribeSubscribed Unsubscribe 11. Loading Loading Working Add to.

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Классика американского мультсериала Looney Tunes, на мой взгляд самый смешной мультфильм Road Runner & Wile E Coyote (Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун). Классика американского ...

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун / Road Runner & Wile E Coyote (1949-2003 ...

Классика американского мультсериала Looney Tunes, на мой взгляд самый смешной мультфильм Road Runner MP3, 2 ch, 160 Кбитс Размер: 2.58 Gb Скачать Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун

Хитрый койот и Дорожный бегун [1949-2014] - смотреть мультсериал онлайн

Хитрый койот и Дорожный бегун [1949-2014] (Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner) - мультсериал 1949 года, смотреть все серии онлайн на MEGAMULT

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун / Road Runner & Wile E Coyote (1949-2003 ...

Нас вместе: 4 065 810. Загрузка... Правила оформления. Видео; Музыка

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Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit Printio Хитрый койот (wylie coyote) Модель: Хитрый койот (wylie coyote) Артикул: 419284. Описание: Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit — цвет: меланж, пол: Муж. Вайл И. Койот (Wile E. Coyote) — персонаж серии короткометражных мультсериалов Looney Tunes и Merrie Melodies.

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун ... - myklad.org

Мультфильмы / Иностранные мультсериалы » Скачать торрент Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун / Road Runner & Wile E Coyote

Хитрый койот и дорожный бегун 2010 - YouTube

Хитрый койот и дорожный бегун 2010 Сергей ...

Игра Хитрый койот онлайн - game-game.com.ua

Игра Хитрый койот (Wile E Coyote) онлайн. Койот потерпел аварию в небе и падает вниз вместе с обломками. Помогите ему уворачиваться от обломков стобы избежать ...

Хитрый Койот: Обломки Дерби - tobooto.ru

Койот никогда не остановится в своих попытках поймать страуса по прозвищу Дорожный Бегун. На это раз он предпринимает воздушную попытку, но полет в небе не ...

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун - multikonline.ru

На нашем сайте можно абсолютно бесплатно в режиме онлайн смотреть мультсериал Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун 1949 года выпуска. Все серии в очень хорошем качестве ...

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун ... - subscribe.ru

ESTECO modeFRONTIER v4.4.3 x86 x64 for Windwos Linux-SSQ * С песней по жизни. Любимая волна (2013) * Бушков Александр. Анастасия (Аудиокнига) * Elemental: Fallen Enchantress (2013/Rus/RePack от R.G. United Packer Group) * madVR 0.86.9 ...

Койот и Бегун - YouTube

Койот и Бегун У Койота Вилли лишь одна проблема, которая не дает ему спать спокойно. ... Хитрый койот и ...

Онлайн игра Хитрый Койот Вилли играть бесплатно

Хитрый койот Вилли вряд ли относится к данной категории. Его заслуги в спорте ограничиваются рекордами по длительному сну, и гребле ложкой.

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун / Road Runner & Wile E Coyote (1949-2003 ...

Классика американского мультсериала Looney Tunes, на мой взгляд самый смешной мультфильм Road Runner & Wile E Coyote (Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун).

кайот вилли и дорожный бегун смотреть подряд все серии онлайн бесплатно ...

Сведения о мультфильме Русское название: Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун Оригинальное название: Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote

Trish wylie velniop taisykles - купить выгодно по …

Nustatyti ribas… Advokatė Olivija Branigan ne kartą yra susidūrusi su kietaširdžiais klientais, tačiau Bleiką Kleitoną galima pavadinti tikru emocijų valdymo profesionalu.

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Смотреть Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун/Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote онлайн

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«Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун» - американский мультипликационный сериал, повествующий о двух странных героях. Это койот Вилли и птица, похожая на страуса. Койот ...

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Койот И Дорожный Бегун - portalengineering

Хитрый койот и дорожный бегун. avi. Койот англ. Coyote и Дорожный бегун The Road Runner два персонажа ...

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун - free-war.net

Название: Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун - Все 47 серий Оригинальное название: Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote Год выхода: 1949-2003 Жанр: Мультсериал, Комедия, Приключения Режиссер ...

Падающий вниз Койот из мультфильма Wile E. coyote and Road runner ...

Страница гиф анимации Падающий вниз Койот из мультфильма Wile E. coyote and Road runner / Хитрый койот и Дорожный бегун, здесь можно скачать гифку, скачать анимацию ...

Хитрый койот и Дорожный бегун — Википедия

Хитрый койот и Дорожный бегун; Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner: Тип: рисованная мультипликация

Kevan wylie r abc of sexual health. Игра Хитрый койот онлайн - game-game.com.ua

Игра Хитрый койот (Wile E Coyote) онлайн. Койот потерпел аварию в небе и падает вниз вместе с обломками. Помогите ему уворачиваться от обломков стобы избежать ...

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный ... - video.sibnet.ru

Смотреть видео ролик Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун Road Runner & Wile E Coyote бесплатно на портале Video.Sibnet.ru

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Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit Printio Хитрый койот (wylie coyote) Модель: Хитрый койот (wylie coyote) Артикул: 419284. Описание: Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit — цвет: меланж, пол: Муж. Вайл И. Койот (Wile E. Coyote) — персонаж серии короткометражных мультсериалов Looney Tunes и Merrie Melodies.

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trish wylie gundantis prisilietimas купить по лучшей цене Nustatyti ribas… Advokatė Olivija Branigan ne kartą yra susidūrusi su kietaširdžiais klientais, tačiau Bleiką Kleitoną galima pavadinti tikru emocijų valdymo profesionalu.

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Мультфильм Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун 1949 скачать торрент бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 1080.HDRip КачествоКП IMDB Скачать Перейти к торрентамКомментарии ...

Койот Ральф. Очередной герой мультфильмов …

Койот Ральф. Очередной герой мультфильмов looney tunes,неутомимый койот Ральф Хитрый Койот (англ. Wile E. Coyote) — все серии пытается поймать Дорожного бегуна. Сооружает ловушки, которые никогда не работают как надо, и в ...

Хитрый койот и Дорожный бегун / Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner ...

А Хитрый Койот и Йосемити Сэм, так же как и прежде готовы к новым козням и стараются создать Багзу Банни как можно больше неприятностей.

Приложения в Google Play – Looney Tunes™ БЕЗУМНЫЙ МИР - ARPG

- Воссоздайте знаменитые бои типа Хитрый койот против Дорожного бегуна и Сильвестр против Твити! arpg ролевая игра - Соберите и постройте ваших любимых персонажей мультфильмов

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- Вас ждут Багз Банни, Даффи Дак, Элмер Фадд, Хитрый койот, Бабушка Гренни, Порки Пиг и многие другие! - Создать и вооружить команду, чтобы сразиться в битве с помощью мультяшных навыков и оружия.

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Темляк с бусиной Coy... Темляк с бусиной Coyote Brown Black Para-Cord Lanyard with Beret Skull... Посмотреть карточку товара

Kevan wylie r abc of sexual health. кайот вилли и дорожный бегун смотреть подряд все серии онлайн бесплатно ...

Сведения о мультфильме Русское название: Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун Оригинальное название: Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote

Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун / Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner (Чак ...

Перевод: Не требуется Режиссер: Чак Джонс Описание: Мультипликационный сериал "Хитрый Койот и Дорожный Бегун" полностью.

Койот Вилли и Дорожный Бегун / Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner (Серии 1 ...

В своей охоте Койот использует множество различных приспособлений, которые каждый раз срабатывают на нём, а не на Дорожном Бегуне ...

Nicola Cooper ABC of Geriatric Medicine

Demographic trends confirm what clinicians already know – they are spending increasing amounts of time dealing with older people. This new ABC provides an introduction to the new and increasing challenges of treating older patients in a variety of settings. ABC of Geriatric Medicine provides an overview of geriatric medicine in practice. Chapters are written by experts, and are based on the specialty geriatric medicine curriculum in the UK. ABC of Geriatric Medicine is a highly illustrated, informative, and practical source of knowledge, with links to further information and resources. It is an essential guide where management of the ageing population is a major health issue – for hospital and family doctors, students, nurses and other members of the multi-disciplinary team.

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Stewart Mercer ABC of Multimorbidity

ABC of Multimorbidity is the first title to provide primary care practitioners with a practical approach to the complex issues of treating and managing patients with more than one morbidity. Ageing populations and earlier diagnosis of chronic conditions mean more people are living longer with multimorbidity. However, treatment guidelines are often designed for treatment in isolation of other morbidities. Multimorbidity management therefore requires a more patient centred approach and greater knowledge and coordination of existing services. Effective multimorbidity management both improves overall patient well-being and reduces the overall demand on health services. ABC of Multimorbidity examines how multimorbidities can be addressed within primary care, from the GP and family physician consultation through to the effective use of a range of health care services. It addresses complex issues such as polypharmacy, mental health, patient safety, patient involvement in self-management, and the role of the practitioner. It then provides guidance on how multimorbidities can be best treated and managed within primary care through specific interventions to improve outcomes. From an international, primary care editor and contributor team, ABC of Multimorbidity is a practical resource for general practitioners, family physicians, practice and specialist nurses, and others caring for multimorbid patients. It is also relevant for junior doctors, medical trainees and students.

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Mesfin Yared, Rajan Sundaraa HIV Related Safe Sexual Behavior of Students in Alage Atvet College

This book was written to serve as a source of information for public health practitioners in Anti AIDS organizations. Previous studies I have tried to review focused on HIV/AIDS related risky and safe sexual behavior of adolescents separately. What makes the current study interesting is that it delineates for sexual practices with in the "safe behavior" and the factors responsible for each part by part.

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Smithson W. Henry ABC of Epilepsy

ABC of Epilepsy provides a practical guide for general practitioners, and all those working in primary care, on the diagnosis, treatment and management of epilepsy, and for the continued monitoring and long term support of what is still a relatively poorly understood neurological disorder. This brand new title in the ABC series is highly illustrated throughout and presents what epilepsy is, its classification, and how to diagnose it. It covers anti-epileptic drugs and non-drug treatments, as well as self-management and living with epilepsy. Edited by a general practitioner and neurologist team, the ABC of Epilepsy reflects current NICE guidelines and is ideal for all GPs, primary health care professionals, practice nurses and specialist nurses, and non-specialist medical staff who play an increasing role in monitoring and managing of epilepsy patients.

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amitabha chattopadhyay Prescription Audit and Client Satisfaction

Prescription audit and client satisfaction was a health service research study done with the purpose of auditing the prescriptions of General duty medical officers of Central Government Health Scheme(CGHS)and patient satisfaction evaluation of the beneficiaries of this scheme.The study carried out over a period of one year in 5 selected CGHS Dispensaries and a multistage sampling method was followed.Also ABC and VED analysis was carried out in the Central Medical Store of CGHS.This management study is intended to be helpful to public health researchers and management students.

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Japan TENGA Mens Sperm Loupe Sex Products For Male Health Test Vitality&Density Sexual Toys Men

Debating Sexual Correctness. Pornography, Harassment, Date Rape and the Politics of Equality

The debate continues over what constitutes sexual correctness. Should we learn to live with date rape, pornography and sexual harrassment as simple facts of life? Or are these mere claims borne out of a victim mentality? Either way, women are in danger of losing their sexual freedom.

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Lorraine Corfield ABC of Medical Law

An understanding of medical law is increasingly important for all health professionals and this new ABC provides a basic introduction to the legal issues faced in health care that is accessible to anyone without any legal knowledge. The ABC of Medical Law provides ideal guidance to the practicing physician – covering just what you need to know without becoming embroiled in complicated legal discussion. The ABC of Medical Law has up-to-date coverage of the legal issues to be found in daily medical practice, including confidentiality, research, consent, negligence, organ donation and human rights, as well as more contentious issues such as tissue retention and withholding/withdrawing treatment. Well illustrated and presented in a user-friendly format, chapters include summaries and cases to help clarify the points made. Written by practising clinicians with expertise in medical law and a medical barrister, the ABC of Medical Law will help keep a practice within the constraints of the law and is ideal for GPs, junior doctors and medical students, and anyone wanting to understand the broad basics of medical law. This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from Google Play or the MedHand Store.

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Electric MenMassager Exercise Massage Enlargement For Male Health Care Sexual Function Obstacle Magnetic Enlarge Therapy

Leonard Marcus J. Renegotiating Health Care. Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration

Renegotiating Health Care Since the first edition of Renegotiating Health Care was published in 1995, new treatments, technologies, business models, reimbursement methods, and regulations have tangibly transformed the substance of health care negotiation. This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Renegotiating Health Care offers a practical guide to negotiation and conflict resolution in the health care field. It explores why unresolved conflict can hamper any organizations ability to make timely, cost-effective decisions and implement new strategies. The book focuses on the complex interactions between those who deliver, receive, administer, and oversee health care. It defines negotiation techniques and conflict resolution approaches that can improve efficiency, quality of care, and patient safety. Renegotiating Health Care outlines strategies and methods to resolve the myriad thorny issues encompassing the health care enterprise. It should be required reading for students and professionals in health services management, clinicians, leaders, policy makers, and conflict resolution experts working in the health care field. Praise for Renegotiating Health Care «An outstanding book! I learned their principles of meta-leadership while at the CDC and continue to use them at ABC News. This book is a must for anyone in leadership: practical, intuitive, and priceless.» —Richard E. Besser, MD, chief health and medical editor, ABC News «This book is a must-read to assist todays health professional navigate the ever-changing health care delivery system. Leadership will be the key to success.» —Pat Ford-Roegner, RN, MSW, FAAN, senior health consultant and former CEO, American Academy of Nursing

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Valman Bernard ABC of the First Year

This well-established book gives clear guidance on normal development and how to diagnose and manage illness in newborn infants and babies. The sixth edition of the ABC of the First Year has been fully revised and updated to reflect the introduction of National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines, the reduction in universal screening and the increasing care of the newborn provided by family practitioners and midwives. There are new sections on the recognition and prevention of obesity, which is an increasing problem. The reduction in universal screening has resulted in parents requesting advice about their childs development at a variety of ages. A Development Chart shows the age-related normal range in different abilities and activities and will enable family doctors, at a glance, to determine whether a parent should be reassured that an infant is normal or needs further assessment. The inclusion of useful links and addresses of resources and organisations helps make the new edition of the ABC of the First Year an invaluable resource for GPs, midwives, paediatric nurses, health visitors and medical students, and an ideal companion to Bernard Valmans ABC of One to Seven.

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Koduzi Gazment Health technology asessment in primary health care reform Albania

By 2007, health centers in primary health care are public entities, autonomous, contracted by HII, financed according to package of services, self managed. Health centre is managed by Manager and economist that are responsible for financial and human resource management. HC are financed performance based according to a new formula: 85% of budget was given monthly for normal functioning of services, 10% was given monthly as performance based and 5% was called quality bonus, given quarterly to HC. Study mean to measure impact of financial mechanism of health centers in function of health staff performance, by components: Finances, performance and level of health staff knowledge about reform. Target of study are primary health care centers, family doctors and nurse employed in selected health centers. 684 health staffs are interviewed by 52 health centers randomly selected as part of the survey. It is found positive statistical correlation between bonus level and health staff knowledge about reform(r=0.218, p=0.023), and continues medical education (r=0.607. p<0.001).

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John Mulhall Male Sexual Dysfunction. A Clinical Guide

Sexual dysfunction affects men of all ages and incidence rates are expected to double by 2025 resulting in a major health burden. Though normal sexual function is an important aspect of health and well-being, sadly, this common condition still carries an associated stigma. As a result, affected men are often reluctant to approach their doctor and, instead, may live for many years with sexual dysfunction, often to the detriment of their personal lives. Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide covers all the common problems encountered by the clinician in this rapidly expanding and developing field. With full color throughout, this easy to read guide provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to patient management. Packed with key features, every chapter will contain flow diagrams and algorithms, key points, clinical pearls, ?what to avoid? boxes, and numerous tables, graphs and photographs . This book provides: Comprehensive focus on the core clinical areas of physiology/pharmacology, investigation, diagnosis, management and surgical options Coverage of all treatment pathways, including psychological, pharmacologic and surgical A straightforward, logical approach to clinical management An experienced and international editor and contributor team Expertly-written, this book is the perfect resource for urologists and general practitioners with an interest in this highly topical area, as well as those about to undergo their urology trainee examinations.

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Rachael Morris-Jones ABC of Dermatology

With over 450 full colour images, ABC of Dermatology is a practical guide to identification, recognition, treatment and management of common dermatological conditions encountered within primary care, walk-in centres, and the emergency room and within patients admitted to hospital with medical/surgical conditions. Fully updated with new developments and treatments, this sixth edition provides expanded coverage of psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory dermatoses and drug photosensitivity. It also includes improved coverage of the management of onychomycosis, scabies and lice, and hair and scalp, and new content on biological treatments, lymphoedema, community acquired MRSA, pityriasis rosea, immune reconstitution syndrome and antifungal drugs. ABC of Dermatology is the ideal learning partner and resource for GPs, family physicians, junior doctors, medical students and primary care health professionals.

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Dawson Chris ABC of Urology

The ABC of Urology provides a comprehensive review of current practice in urology and is a structured and practical guide to the diagnosis, treatment and management of the most common urological conditions. This new third edition has been fully revised and expanded with additional chapters and improved coverage of renal and testis cancer, management of haematuria, laparoscopy, trauma and new urological advances. Prostate, bladder, renal and penile cancers are also covered in detail and new techniques and procedures for safer and effective treatment options are featured. The ABC of Urology is the ideal reference for general practitioners and general practitioner trainees, junior doctors and practice nurses, medical students and all primary health care professionals working to provide the best possible care for patients with urological conditions.

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Ian Williams ABC of HIV and AIDS

An authoritative guide to the epidemiology, incidence, testing and diagnosis and management of HIV and AIDS. From an international expert editor and contributor team, this new sixth edition includes expanded coverage of HIV testing, assessment and routine follow up and new chapters outlining problematic conditions associated with HIV and AIDS. Prevention strategies, early diagnosis and antiretroviral drugs and pharmacotherapy are covered in detail as well as children and women with HIV. It also addresses key psychological and mental health issues, patient perspectives and the role of patient engagement. As knowledge into the illness grows and major advances in HIV therapy see more people living with HIV in the community, the ABC of HIV and AIDS, 6e provides clear practical guidance for general practitioners, hospital doctors, nurses, medical students, counsellors, allied health workers and anyone working and caring for patients with HIV and AIDS.

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